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2008 Info and History

Welcome to the THE RAZOR’S EDGE TAILGATE! Once again, it looks like another season of Tailgate Roulette due to the construction of Patriot Place and the continuing changes of the property surrounding the stadium. We’re being forced out of our “usual” spot once again and it looks like we’ll end up across Rt1 in P10N, Lot 51 this season.  Although the sites may change, our philosophy and open door (ok…tent) policy remains the same. Our merry band of Patriot faithful include a group of “regulars” but we always welcome the company of fellow Patriot fans (and those of opposition as well). So, if you’d like to set up with us, bring whatever you need and join in the Patriotic fun in support of our beloved team. Because we can’t guarantee that we’ll always end up together at this point, you’re best to bring everything you need should you end up having to go it alone. (We hope not… but it’s been getting harder and harder to coordinate at this point.)

Tailgate crew 09/09/02 Inaugural Game at Gillette Stadium

As all hard core Pats fans know, Patriot Sundays are not just about the game; rather the entire experience of the event! So, the pre-game and post-game tailgates are an important component in the success of a Full Tilt Full Time Pats Experience.

Al and I tailgate with Zip and crew each week and partake in all of the rituals that it entails. Of course, the company is a lock, the Bruschi Brew is a given, Monty’s post game steak tips are always welcome (and according to some, so is my cold weather chili and warm weather linguini and clams….) We arrive early and stay late; partake in the merriment, consume far too much food and drink … (hmmmmm…. do Jello shots qualify as a food or a drink??), share Pats talk and camaraderie.

Naturally, being the social butterfly that I am, I flit from place to place with nary a closed jaw…. Al mans the grill whilst I provide the “hot air” on a cold day and catch up with all my buds, scoring hugs along the way…. At this point, my shy guy has joined forces with the regulars and he and Monty can often be seen indulging in the weekly flavor of premium cee-gars. (I’ll stick with sampling the latest microbrew, thank you very much!)

The outcome of the game is never a guarantee, although if you ask Zip or Karen, a Pats win is always predicted! But, one thing is for certain, regardless of the score we all leave Foxboro having enjoyed the most excellent company and companionship of friends…. something that cannot be dampened even by a Pats loss (which doesn’t happen often! Go Pats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)