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October 2007
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Miami Trek 2007: 10/18-10/22

On Thursday, October 18th the Cardozas set off for their 5th Trek to Florida for the Pats/Dolphins game. In the usual style, we arrived at the airport early then headed in for a pre-flight meal at TGIFridays. Margaritas, Mohitos, and Virgin Daiquiris signaled the beginning of our annual Fall mini family vacation. The plan was to meet up with the mini-trek crew and improve our win/loss record to over .500.

Bamagram!After a couple of delays we arrived in Ft. Lauderdale and were met by the Ambassador himself, Bama, who was quick to issue my first Bamagram of the weekend. We checked into the hotel, dropped the stuff off in the room, then hit the lounge to catch the Red Sox game in hopes (mine anyway!) that they would pull off a win and keep the series alive. Edwin was quick to greet us as were other staff members who recognized us from years past.

Friday morning found me on the walking trails at the crack of dawn enjoying a muggy couple of miles then a nice breakfast buffet. Later that morning, Kelsea and I headed out for manicures and pedicures while the boys went out for hand rolled cigars. (It’s questionable whether or not Steve would have preferred to join the ladies that morning as a.) he doesn’t smoke cigars and b.) he loves a good pedicure!) For the record, there was a man there with us, although he wasn’t coveting my pink Pats purse, unlike aforementioned Steve. ;-)

We finally hit good weather in Florida this time around and were able to spend most of the day poolside. I dove into my book (and the pool) and the despite afternoon showers, it was a relaxing way to spend what otherwise would have been a work day. In the evening, cousins Linda and Augie swung by for a visit, lots of laughs, and a couple of drinks. Later, we grabbed dinner in the restaurant, had a few cocktails, Ernie and Jose came by, and the guys smoked and shot the breeze while I started on my second book of the trek. (FYI, the more books I can read on a vacation, the better.)

At the crack of dawn, we hit the gym, ate breakfast and headed out to do some shopping and then went to the beach for a bit. It was a gorgeous day, so we once again sat poolside when we returned to the hotel. Robin arrived in the afternoon having taken a bump and receiving a $400 voucher which she already has earmarked for a Superbowl flight this winter! Barry and Denice from So. Cal came by as well and hung out with us waiting for the team to arrive.

As the afternoon wore on, the hotel began to get more crowded with family and the guests of the wedding taking place in the ballroom. Many of them flew down from New England for the wedding and were thrilled to find out that the team was staying there as well. Once the team arrived and the guys were either holed up in their rooms or meeting with family downstairs, many of the fans took to the lounge area to watch the Sox game. I’m sure that the bride wasn’t too thrilled to be upstaged by the Patriots on “her” day but the bridesmaids were more than happy to take their turns taking pictures with Donte Stallworth towards the end of the night.

Al said hello to Lonie on the way in and Jake took an elevator ride with Tom Brady but I pretty much stayed put in the lobby with fellow trekkers. As always, Bama had quite a few encounters, and despite Al’s poor performance at player identification, shared a few words with many of them. As always, Laurence Maroney‘s mom stopped to chat, having recognized us from past treks. Al gave Pepper a Bruschi Backer hat and spoke quite a bit to some of Jarvis’s friends who were former Rhode Islanders.

We stayed downstairs until after the Sox won and the party goers started to dissipate. Of course, trying to avoid the ones that had too much to drink was the incentive to head upstairs and call it a night.

Game day dawned rainy and muggy and some of the players got caught in a downpour heading to the early bus but the sun came out in time for us to head to the game. Jarvis stopped to talk to the boys and Kelsea got lots of great pics. Once there, it was very hot, and I drank a lot of water. I think, probably a bit too much as I was lightheaded and dizzy until drinking some Gatorade. Our schema for away games is to usually just go to the game and come right home after without tailgating which is different from home but it’s the way we like it on the road. We did, however chat a bit to a nice couple who were parked near us who were down from NE.

During halftime, we met up with Dave and Heather who were also down for the game. The stadium was packed with Pats fans and with the score 42-7 at the half, many had already “moved on” and were chanting “Let’s Go Red Sox” since they were in the do or die Game 7 that night but I would have preferred that they left out that chant until after the game.

Traffic leaving the game was relatively easy since most Dolphans had left well before the end. We got back to the hotel, Robin, Kelsea, and I ordered Chinese, I uploaded some pics and went online until the Sox Game came on then headed up to the room to get comfy and watch the game from bed. Apparently, some players got permission to not take the team plane home as Adalius Thomas came into the hotel and we later saw pictures of Brady in Miami by the pool with Gisele.

We left Monday and made our way through construction as they were beginning to remodel our floor at the hotel and had demolished a slew of rooms while we were at the game. We got to the airport in plenty of time, but had to sit on the runway burning off extra fuel before takeoff so we got off to an hour late start. Luckily, they held the connecting flight for us since we arrived 5 minutes before scheduled departure in Charlotte. In the rush, I left my Pats jacket on the plane but at least we made it on time.

All in all, it was a most excellent mini-trek (as they all are) and we brought home another win. The core group will have to do without us for the remainder of the year as this is our only scheduled away game this season (except for AZ, of course!) We brought home a win, spent time with great company, enjoyed some real Florida weather for a change, and on the Karen scale… it was a 3 book trip so you KNOW it was a good one as far as I’m concerned!

Check out full photo album here!

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