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November 2007
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Skins Skinned!

Sunday, October 28, 2007 dawned clear and bright with just the right amount of fall crispness in the air; perfect football weather! We were anxious to head out to our first home game and tailgate in a month and with rations and gear on hand, set out early to hook up with the crew at the Dunkin Donuts rendezvous spot.

Big Al, Jake, his friend Jaron, and I led the way into the lots and secured an end spot sufficient for setting up the 7 tents in block format. Even with that, our crew extended well beyond the confines of the tents but luckily the weather was decent and no walls were necessary.

For the second week in a row, Barry and Denice from Orange County and list bud Steve, also from California took in a Pats game having traveled to Miami last week then up to NE before heading home. (Steve actually was in the middle of his 3 game tour: Miami, Gillette, & Indy).

As always, rations were aplenty, with chili on the stove, various meats and veges going round as well as swordfish, shrimp and steamers for the seafood loving folk. There was no shortage of snacks, dips, and side dishes either! Hot chocolate (spiked or not), Bruschi Brew, jello shots, and non-alcoholic libations toasted our boys as well as quenched the thirst.

Zip and Joel and a pair of Chrises set up across from us and regulars Robin & Bob, Chris & Kelly, Robin & Geoff, Don & Karen, Darren, Monty, Mike, and all respective guests set up gear galore. Listniks, Miguel, Phil, Steve, & Ed were in the house as was Dolphan Jeff who wore his Welker shirt in that other color ;-) .

A mini Tom Brady faced off with Quinn for a healthy game of Tug-Of-War but despite digging in his heels, was still in for the ride of his life! Many of the crew took in the early game thanks to the generator and TV.

It was our great pleasure to chat with Christopher Price, Boston sports writer and author of The Blueprint, who stopped by the tailgate to chat it up and sign books for us. We’d love to have him back and he promised to do so before the end of the season.

After properly toasting our boys and taking the group photo, we headed into the stadium under sunny skies. It got chilly as the day wore on and the wind whipped up. At that point, hot chocolate and Dunkin Donuts coffee fit the bill.

The girls were donning Halloween costumes on the sidelines but the biggest Treat that day was a thorough thrashing of the Washington Redskins, 52-7, bringing our record to 8-0! We headed home completely content and anxious for the upcoming showdown against the Colts the following week.

Complete photo album here.


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Comment from Christopher Price
Time: November 9, 2007, 1:38 am

It was a blast hanging out with you guys–I’m definitely going to swing by to spend some quality pregame time with you all sometime before the end of the season. Thanks again!

Comment from Barry
Time: November 9, 2007, 8:51 pm

We had a great time as usual and really appreciate all the hospitality everyone showed us!

Thanks to Chris as well for coming out. It was very cool to discuss Pats history with you.

Hope we can make it back out to Foxboro next October again next year!

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