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December 2007
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The Eagle has Landed…

Headed out early on Sunday afternoon after cooking all day and getting ready for the prime time tilt. We thoroughly expected major backups on Rt. 1 due to the opening of Patriot Place stores and the fact that it was the kickoff to the official Christmas Shopping season. We had no trouble getting to our rendezvous spot but once again took up way too much space in the lots awaiting the opening of Lot 3. (We are currently brainstorming an alternative to alleviate the problem for the future.)

We had a smaller core crew this week but set up in our new favorite rectangle configuration in our regular spot. Although it was chilly it wasn’t freezing so the only wall up was the Tedy Fathead backed by the Full Tilt Full Time Banner.

Thanks to a Bills loss, our boys secured AFC East championship status before even stepping on the field and Mike headed right over to the proshop and likely was one of the first to purchase a hat and tee as they were taking them out of the boxes!

Lots of Philly/Eagle based fare could be found from Philly Cheesesteaks to “Eagle Wings, Eagle Legs, and Eagle Breasts”. Of course my huge vat of chili was on the stove and word is, was extra spicy this week and really hit the spot ;-)

Zip‘s crew of Jaji (with a rockin butane burner), Drew (with a funky face mask) and Bren’s mom, Sue taking in her first NFL game, was here from Nebraska and had a great time. Jen and her Eagles fan boyfriend and friends took in their first game of the season as well. Bob and Rich were in the house too. Chris and Kelly’s Kale Soup was welcome for the late night game as was all of the samplings of food that made its way around the tailgate.

Robin and Geoff parked elsewhere and stopped in, Darren did the take-out stuff with Mark and his crew. Jim from NY was down and commiserated with Monty about their Rev’s loss and Chris Woods was there with his family.

Ed Bryant didn’t disappoint and showed up with a song and much to the “entertainment” of all, (note crowd reaction!) treated us to a lovely duet with Sue.

Pass The Wind

Donovan and Bryant

Copyright, Not So Much


In the chilly hours and minutes, in the Super Bowl,

We dug a hole, eating clock although we were behind!

We were down by ten, and though Dexter Reid, fulfilled a need,

You beat us then, we’ll try and pass the wind!

When sundown fills the sky, and the ball’s kicked off,

Draw near the trough, all we can do is try to buck the trend,

I’ll be standing by, and if I take a knee, come puke with me!

A.J. Feeley will try to pass the wind!

Dee dee, dee dee dee, dee dee dee dee, dee dee dee, dee dee, dee dee!

When the reign has rung up rings in tiers,

I’ll still be here, chugging Schmitz’s beers,

Spewing Chunky soup chunks on my men!

Standing on the side, well, I think it best, so I might digest,

Though I might hurl, I’ll try to pass the wind!


All in all , it was a pretty mellow tailgate with many of the regulars taking a pass this week. The weather was typical for late November but was bearable. Big Al and I headed up to our seats early and I was thankful for my multiple layers and blanket to ward off the wind chill.

The game was farcloser than most expected but a win is a win and although Pats came out victorious, Zip lost a bet because he gave points for the first time in Razor’s Edge history. Kills me to see him in an Eagles jersey but at least the W/L column was not harmed in the making of this photo ;-)

Angie swung by to say hi before the game and we ran into Westy heading back to his new tailgate spot post-game. Nice to see old friends :-)

Pre-game jello shots, Bruschi Brew, tons of food, great company, lots of hot beverages and post-game champagne made for a most enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend tilt. The fact that we continue on with our undefeated streak puts us one step closer to the ultimate goal. Go Pats!!

Complete photo album here.



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