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December 2007
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Pats vs Jets 12/16/07

I didn’t make the game due to my back injury but Jake filled in and headed out into the Nor’easter in my place. Due to the severe weather and the fact that it was the second storm to hit the region within a few days the snow plows were working in earnest to try to create parking spaces. The usual Lot 3 never opened at the scheduled time so the crew set up across the street in P10.

While the snow and wind were whipping up, the Patriotic faithful were toasty warm within the confines of the tent city. Al took a few pictures during the tailgate but opted not to bring the camera in to the game which was a good idea since it changed over to a driving rain by kickoff.

Al’s pictures are here and you can check out Erdo Ed’s set here.

And of course, Ed Bryant’s weekly tribute song can be found right here!

Runnin’ Down The Dream

Tom Petty And Ed Bryant

Copyright, Not So Much


It was a beautiful day for a Jets beat down,

With the video on, we were drivin!
Eight weeks in…on cruise control,

Another runaway, we were flyin!


But they were runnin’ down my team,

For winning Super Bowls by 3,

Workin on history, goin’ where Belichick leads,

We’re runnin’ down the dream!


It felt so good, like 9 and 0 was possible,

But when they called PI, I had to rub my eyes!
Hobbs was there…the Pony just ran into him,

It’s like the zebras want… to screw our guys!


They were runnin’ down my team,

Makin’ me want to scream,

Workin on history, messin’ up Manning’s reads,

We’re runnin’ down the dream!


The season rolled on, and the sky grew dark,

Nearly every damn game…in prime time!

But the Vincent T. is just down the road,

When the last team stands, I hope it’s mine!


Yeah, we’re running down the dream,

Risin to the top like cream!

Workin on history, one at a time, and we’ll see,

We’re runnin down the dream!

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