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December 2007
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Pats vs. Miami 12/23/07

The last regular season home game meant a comeback for MrsB to the Razor’s Edge Tailgate to hook up with friends and see her boys to a victory and 15-0! Since the weather was milder/dryer than expected, I was quite comfortable and managed quite well. Thanks, of course to strict orders from tailgate vets Big Al and the Zipster, to stay put and let people come to me, I sat more than ever before at a tailgate. The smallish crowd made it quite possible as well since many of the regulars opted out of the game, presumably for holiday commitments.

Robin and Geoff, Zip’s crew, Monty’s crew and Erdo Ed, rounding out his week in NE , made up the contingent this week. Jose brought along his fiancee, Monty brought Dave, Kathy brought “the hottest wings on earth” (which I proudly survived and was thoroughly heated not only from the outside via Thermacare heat wrap attached to my lower back but from the inside out as well!) and naturally Robin and Geoff provided the grilled asparagus. Jeremy brought his brother and true to form, Ed Bryant, wearing multiple hats made a late tailgate appearance with Jeffrey and some friends. Jake welcomed the lamb chops and Monty’s cajun grilled shrimp which hit the spot! He also had the “pleasure” of filling my role of food passer this time around, but is anxious for me to be back on the job ;-)

Bob’s beef stew was delicious on a winter’s day, dolphin (ok… Mahi-Mahi) was to be found not only on grills but in Zip’s jambalaya as well. Big Al’s little necks were a hit and staples such as Bruschi brauts were sure to please as always.

Of course, there was no shortage of Bruschi Brew to savor and jello shots to consume to toast our team to victory as always. The final jello shot toast taken in front of the banner along with our group photo came complete with a MrsB return toast to which I was very appreciative to the Zipster and fellow Razor’s Edgers. Even a passing token Dolphan joined us for the photo op and shot ;-) !

Come game time, we headed up to our handicapped accessible seats for this game which were perfect because it allowed me to take the elevator up and stay seated for the whole game without having to get up and down for beer runners! We made it to the start of the 4th quarter at which time I knew I had reached my limit. The game was in hand at 28-7 anyway and we were able to beat the rain and the post-game traffic jam. Jake stayed and hitched a ride home with Ed and said that the post-game tailgate was celebratory and lots of fun. All in all, it worked out great for everyone and I did just what I could without over doing it. Next up…. Pats head to the Meadowlands to make history!

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