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January 2008
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AFC Championship 01/20/08

Excitement was in the air as the Patriot Nation faithful made preparations for the ultra chilly AFC Championship Game vs. the Chargers. Loaded with multiple layers of clothes and cold weather gear, we headed to the Dunkin Donuts rendezvous ready to meet for the final time at The Razor’s Edge.

Unfortunately, the lots were mostly filled by the time we got there and our group got separated and locked into our spots with no chance of hooking up due to ropes splitting right and left sides of the lot. Ironically, the split occurred pretty much down the middle with 6 cars of people in each site.

One group included Zip with Web, Bino and Jose, Chris Woods, Mike, Robin & Geoff‘s crew, Kathy (of Hottest Wings on Earth fame) and us. Later, Ed Bryant, Chris and Kelly, and Bill of Nashua Sports made their way over. The other group of Monty, Miguel, Robin, Laureen and Larry, Jim from NY and Darren set up in the other location but folks bounced between tailgates to visit and shared the jello shot toast either in person or via phone.

It was quite windy and cold but the sun was shining brightly so we walled in 3 sides and took advantage of the solar heat. Quarters were tight as we were backed right up to the people next to us. (We even lent out some walls and cinderblocks in an effort to prevent their tents from crashing into ours.)

When we arrived, we felt bad about the split but soon realized that we couldn’t do anything about it so we made the best of it, set up, and got the grills and stoves cranking. Kathy’s wings were smokin as usual and Robin and Geoff’s squash soup hit the spot to warm us thoroughly. Naturally, my chili pot was on the stove and Zip’s jambalaya was on hand. Bruschi Brauts, swordfish, stuffies, and a variety of items to sample went round.

Angie popped over before work as did Myspace Dave whom I haven’t seen much at all this season (thanks to lot construction this year). A photographer for the Globe spotted Jose’s Patriotic paint job and took his picture which ended up in the paper and online. Some super fun Chargers fans stopped in and shared some laughs and told us about all of the winter wear that they needed to purchase for a single use. They were totally impressed by the hospitality that they encountered in the tailgate lots and joked that they couldn’t even get anyone to “trash talk” with them. hehe!

Naturally, Ed Bryant came through with his signature song for the day:

Bye, Bye, Norv!

Felice Bryant, Bouldeaux Bryant, Ed Bryant

Copyright: Not So Much

Bye, bye Norv!

Bye, bye, Merri-man!

Hello, Dairy Man:

I think I smell some cheese!
Bye, bye, Phil,

Bye, An-tonio,

Nice job on the Pony, yo,

And against the Tennessees!
There goes La-mar Hunt,

With someone old.

They sure look happy:

Rodney looks bold.

He was our safety,

We cut him loose!

We guessed his groin tear,

Meant: no more juice!
Bye, bye, Norv,

You guys took the West!

Junior sends his best,

So bye, bye, Norv, bye bye!
Good bye, Nate Kaeding,

It’s not your night!

I’ve seen your tombstone:

It says: “Wide right!”

And 56, now, can do alone,

The playoff loss dance, for which he’s known!

Bye, bye, Norv,

Bye, bye, Quentin J!

We’ve one more game to play,

I’d guess we’d better roll!

Bye, bye, Norv,

So long, Vincent J!

One more game to play

In the Super Bowl!
So bye, bye, Norv, goodbye,

Bye, bye, old Norv, goodbye, say bye bye, Norv, bye bye!

Tailgate time went by quickly, Big Al and I headed up to our seats all bundled up and ready to cheer our boys to victory. When all was said and done (21-12) and the confetti flew and the podium was wheeled out, we watched Tedy run over to Zip at the banner and hand him a Championship T Shirt!

Post game, we stayed long enough for the Champagne toast then headed out as the crew packed up and headed over to Monty’s tent for some post-game talk and heat. An eleven hour day was my limit (and I was sporting quite a headache) so we headed home to watch the Green Bay/Giants game to see who would join us in Arizona. Go Pats!!

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18-0! Just one to go!



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