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February 2008
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Superbowl 42 Party

Since we weren’t heading to Arizona for the big game, we decided to have a party at our home for family and friends. Naturally, Zip and crew had a huge Razor’s Edge Tailgate (North) up in Nashua and we dubbed our smaller crew Razor’s Edge South. I was anxious all week and devoured Pats news via NFL Network, live streaming on Patriots. com, blogs, online reports, podcasts, etc. and I virtually watched/listened/read nothing but Pats news for 2 solid weeks. Al and I were equally psyched about sharing the historic day with our local crew.

On Saturday, shopping was done, furniture was moved and tables and chairs were set up to accommodate our band of Pats fans. Kevin dropped off some of his Patriots platters and glasses to add to my collection to be on hand for our Patriotic party and the preparations started in earnest.

Sunday seemed to drag by and I filled my morning with website updates, cooking prep and general nervousness. By afternoon, I took to making chili and tuned in to both Zip’s and Jose’s (Razor’s Edge East!) Ustream feeds. It was great to chat with fellow tailgaters and friends while I worked.

Folks started rolling in laden with food and drink and Big Al headed outside to fire up the grill along with Kevin and Louie. We had a Portuguese style Tailgate and feasted on Carne Espito, Pork Loin, Roasted Potatoes, Little Necks with Peppers and Onions, Rice, Chili, Taco Salad, Swordfish, Buffalo Wings, appetizers and desserts galore. Of course Bruschi Brew was on hand but wine was the drink of choice.

Kristina was decked out in her Pats gear and met my two little girls. After feasting, we made haste and broke down the tables and set up to allow prime seating to view the TV. Prior to kickoff (Jello Shots @5:54pm) Al gave a very nice toast to our team and to our loved ones and we raised our glasses for the final time this season.

Halftime was time to regroup, eat more (like anyone needed it!) and celebrate Bernie’s Birthday. (February 3rd was great mojo for us as it was the anniversary of Superbowl 36 and we were counting on the same results in 2008.) The game went by quickly and our hopes were high. Each of us was pulling for our team and anticipated a post game celebration to ensue. Unfortunately, our boys came up short and shocked us along with the rest of Patriot Nation. With heavy hearts, the room became starkly silent and people just went about cleaning up and carrying dishes upstairs in stunned silence. All hopes to make history and to play the unthinkable undefeated season, dubbing us the greatest team in history, were dashed and buried in a flash.

Many of us will take time to heal, each in his own way. (Personally, here’s my initial feelings) but we’re looking to the future. By the time our merry band of Razor’s Edgers meet again, Superbowl 42 will be in the past and we’ll be ready to support our team on the quest to Superbowl 43.

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