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September 2008
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Inaugural 2008 Tailgate: Pats vs. Chiefs

Razor's Edge group shot

Welcome to 2008!

We kicked off the new season on 09/07/08 by leaving last year completely behind.. in more ways than one. Due to all of the changes to the parking areas surrounding Gillette Stadium because of Patriot Place, the Razor’s Edge crew knew that our old Lot 3 in P2 was not a possibility this year. Hoping for a smooth rendezvous, entrance, and set-up, we met off site at Wicked Boston Bistro at Exit 9 off Rt. 95 in Sharon.  Big Al and I expected a smaller crew due to the uncertainty of our ability to secure a spot all together but were surprised as we pulled out of the lot with a 12 car caravan.

MrsB & Big AlWe made our way to entrance P10 North and set up in Lot 51, the only paved lot, which is exactly where we needed to be. Since we were parked back to front, there was only enough room to set up 5 tents and a few remained in their respective cars. Luckily it was a gorgeous day setting up some seating area outside of the tents was no problem. Once we were set up and the (new) banner was erected, Zip made a toast officially burying last season and opening this one. Early morning Mimosas followed. Of course, the variety of beverages was abundant with many types of beer, including the newly bottled Bruschi Brew, BB Root Beer, and thanks to Karen and Don, frozen Margaritas.

Tailgate chit-chatIt was great to hook up with regulars, part timers, and first timers alike. We had quite the crowd at the rendezvous point including the Zip and Drew crew, Don and Karen crew, Monty and Steve, Kathy’s crew, Jim from NY‘s crew, Mark Morse’s crew, Robin and Geoff’s crew, Darren and Madelyn, Mike, Cookie, and the Laureen and Larry crew. Of course, there were visits from fellow Razor’s Edgers who arrived on their own. Vincent and his buddies from Montreal, Ed Bryant with friends and tailgate song, Sue, Miguel and Nancy,  Planeteers PatsfanLisa, TBrownsLady, and the Drink-a-lots who were set up next to us all joined in the fun.

It was a pretty relaxed tailgate considering the number of people there and I even turned over a new leaf and Bruschi Brew 13committed to spend time each week SITTING! We’ve cut back on the grilling so that Al can relax a bit as well. Although it’s too early to start with chili I did make a pot of Chowder to leave on the stove so that folks could help themselves. Of course there were tailgate staples on hand like every form of meat from Monty’s grill, Bruschi Brauts from Zip’s, Al’s swordfish and Kathy’s Hottest Wings on Earth. Naturally, every bit of side dish, vegetables, snacks and sweets were in abundance as well. And it goes without saying that cigar smoking was prolific with the crew on hand.

Karen, Lonie & KarynCome game time, we headed in a bit early to visit with the Paxtons who couldn’t make it over to our tailgate because it was so far away from their parking spot. The walk in was no problem at all as we were quite close to the pedestrian crossing spot and we’re definitely hoping to end up close to the same area each week. We made plans to join Karyn, Lonie, Artie & Nora at The Outlaw after our post game tailgate  and had a great time there as well. Besides Brady going down for the season, it was a great day all the way around and a wonderful way to start off the 2008 Tailgate Season.

Check out all pictures from today’s tailgate on the Flickr Account

Listen to  Kansas City Tailgate Song by Ed Bryant

Kansas City

September 7, 2008

Ah, Kansas City, gonna get our season on track!

Ya, Ya!

We’re facin’ Kansas City, gotta get our season on track,

Ya, Ya.

Well, our mojo may be missin’ but today we’re gonna get it back!

Gonna be standing on the corner of First Place and Last,

Ya, Ya,

We’ll be standing on the corner of First Place and Last.

Ya, Ya,

Cuz the Bills and Fish they couldn’t give a Rat’s ass what we did in the past!

Well, we might run the Bone,

Or throw to Ventrone,

Or make it so that Croyle can only pass kidney stones,

Ah, Kansas City, we’re buyin’ ribs off the rack,

Ya Ya,

Well, the paper bills can be your tip, please give my Quarter back!


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