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October 2008
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Pats vs. Phins 09/21/08

Miami group shot

After spending a glorious afternoon at Zip’s Patriotic Shrine in Nashua to watch our boys dismantle the Jets on September 14th, we were psyched and ready for a home game at Gillette versus the Dolphins on September 21st.  Since our inaugural trek to Lot 51 in P10N went smoothly, we once again set out for that location. We met up at Exit 9 then caravanned  down together. Big Al and I, along with friends MJ and Louie, led the charge. We were able to secure the grassy perimeter this time and set up in a long row. It worked out perfectly and it’s our hope for each of the games to follow.

Most of the regulars were out in full force, with the exception of Monty, who was supporting his Revs out of town. Courtney made her first appearance and besides   The Mighty One, was the youngest Razor’s Edger to date. Joe brought along his little guy who was taking in his first Pats game as well. Robin made it to her first game of the season and made the trek with Harry.

The BoysAl’s co-workers Erick and Ben joined in the fun and were completely amazed at the amount of food and drink going round under our tents. As the lone Phins fan at the tailgate, Erick certainly was smiling post-game!

As always, it was great to see my girl Angie, who certainly has grown up since we met when she was the world’s biggest Bledsoe fan many years ago.

The Planeteers were close by and Ed Bryant popped in bringing along his wife and his weekly song … This week’s version being of the rap style.. hehe!  Unfortunately the moLouie's Ribsjo fell flat this week.

Since we were playing Miami, of course  there was mahi-mahi on the menu and Karen and Don even provided Hurricane shots in ice cube glasses. Staples such as Zip’s Bruschi Brauts, my chowder, Robin & Geoff’s grilled asparagus, every variety of steak tip, chicken and shrimp skewers went round. In addition, Portuguese appetizers, cheese and cold cuts, and Jag (beans & rice) joined Louie’s delicious ribs to add some variety to the menu this week.

It was a gorgeous day, chilly in the morning,  then heating up come game time and there were lots of laughs and even some relaxing for me this week.  Despite the shocking loss, it was an excellent time spent with fellow fans and friends. We’ll be back next month, after the bye and a west coast road trip.

Check out all of the tailgate pics here.

Ed rappin

Ed Bryant’s Rap Lyrics and Audio


September 21, 2008


Can I have my harpoon-a?

Pretty soon-a,

I’m gonna catch you a Tuna!

Hey, hey, hey, Ricky,

Don’t try anything tricky!

And forget about Ickey!

Be no shufflin’ today!

Now I heard near every word ‘bout your undefeated glory,

So how you pickin’ first?

Mister, that’s a Long story!

When you’re 1 and 15, dude,

Your whole life’s a South Bitch!

So we’re blowin’ up the roster,

It’s a name-tag sitch!

We don’t need those two to tango,

So long Jason, bye bye Zach,

And the Fish are just

The latest team to bring the Tuna back!

Oh, oh, oh, Ooooo-na!

Can I have my harpoon-a?

Don’t you know, pretty soon-a,

I’m gonna catch you a Tuna!

Ya, ya, ya, Oooo-na,

Don’t forget your vi-cuna,

It would take a typhoon-a,

For them to blow us away!

We’ve been draftin’ like a Nascar-toon,

Free agents we acquired,

And we never slept September first,

Just watched the waiver wire!

And we scored a couple Giants

And some former Jets as well,

And a puntah from Montana,

Picked up Fergie and Ayodele!

Hey, Hey, Hey, Samson,

Hadn’t you better scram, son?

Can’t  be counting on Carey,

When the goin’ gets hairy!

Yo, Quentin Moses,

Heed the question I poses,

Who among you supposes?

You can stop us, today?

Hey, Channing Crowdah,

Did you bring the jerk powdah?

Have a Porter or Beck’s beer,

As we dine on fish chow-dah!

Oh, my, o-mi-o!

Wilford, Glenn, Camarillo,

We’ll be taking a knee, yo,

On the game’s final play.

So tell me, Oona,

Have you booked Mezza Luna?

Take it from this croon-ah!

Our team’s ready today!


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