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October 2008
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Rams: October Sunday at 1:00 :-)

Rams Group shot

Contrary to the late Monday night tailgate of the prior week, the Razor’s Edgers were out in full force for the Sunday at 1:00 tilt against the Rams. An extensive crew met up at Wicked and as usual, departed for P10N at 8:25 AM. Unfortunately, the parking gurus decided to go against the norm and open 15 minutes later and we were forced to caravan down RT1 south and turn around a few miles down the road to head back north.  En route, we picked up Robin and Harry who were just ready to jump in line as we did another turnaround to head south again to the lot.  Luckily, there were still some spots open along the perimeter so we set up our tents in a row and were up and running by 9:00.

bama & mrsbDespite missing regulars Darren, Monty,  and Laureen & Larry,  we still had quite a large crew. Bama was up for the game and brought  Judy along for the tailgate and to meet the crew. She certainly fit right in and made fast friends with not only our group but the couple that set up next to us as well. Robin and Geoff’s seatmates also set up nearby so they bopped back and forth between the sites.

We started off the morning with mimosas, mulitgrain bagels with lox, a variety of donuts, and breakfast burritos then quickly moved on to burgers, Al’s swordfish, lots of chicken and steak tips, dogs, keilbasa, chourico,  my chili, Zip’s jambalaya, Geoff’s smoked ribs, Karen’s shrimp, and tons of snack foods. 

Steve was in town once again and was feeling a bit under the weather as was Sam Wells who was up for the game with his brother Bob. We were hoping for a visit from our friends The Paxtons, but it never worked out since our new location is quite a hike from their parking lot.

As the day wore on, the morning chill was replaced with afternoon sunshine and by game time it was actually pretty hot!  Kelsea’s camera had a weird error and stopped working so we didn’t get many pictures but thankfully, Mark’s daughter forwarded the group shot and a few others over to me.

Ed Bryant was off the hook from his usual song duty because veteran tailgate crooner,  Web, was Zip’s guest and did the honors this week. Constants such as Harry’s cigars, Bruschi Brews, Jello shots, Jim’s Hockey Stick shot offerings and patriotic conversation and camaraderie once again insured a stellar time.

Come game time, we made the trek and it was quickly apparent that I was overdressed and wished I had left a few layers behind. Much to Al’s delight, the cheerleaders were decked out in Halloween costumes and he remembered his binoculars. ;-)   The game was exciting and reminded me of games of old where it actually came down to the final seconds before completely exhaling.

Post-game, we lounged out, sparked up the grill once again and toasted our boys on the win, savoring that one for a bit before moving on to Indy next.

Complete Rams Tailgate Album (at least we got a few before the camera died!)

Web’s Song

Sung to the tune of Willie Nelson’s “On the road again”

Beat the Rams again

Just can’t wait till we beat the Rams again

The life I love is watchin’ football with my friends

And I can’t wait till we beat the Rams again

Beat the Rams again

Goin’ crazy cause we’re up by ten

Seein’ plays that I may never see again,

And I can’t wait till we beat the Rams again.

Beat the Rams again

Like a band of gypsies we meet at the tailgate

We’re the best of fans

Insisting that the Pats keep winning our way

And our way

Is beat the Rams again

Just can’t wait till we beat the Rams again

The life I love is watchin’ football with my friends

And I can’t wait till we beat the Rams again.


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