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November 2008
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Pats vs. Bills 11/09/08

Bills Group shot

When our friends Ernie and Kelly chose Buffalo as their game to fly East to watch at Gillette, we had it circled on our calendars since before the season. Who knew that the AFCE would be so tight and that we would be taking on the Bills in a 3 way tie for first place. The weekend was perfect, starting with a specialty Sushi  dinner at Ten made by our favorite Sushi chef, Nino.

On game day, they arrived at our house ON TIME… (someone has really turned over a new leaf since meeting Kelly!) and we headed out to our rendezvous at 7:30 AM. Big Al said that he heard that it would be in the 60′s on game day so I took that for gospel. When we reached Wicked, I teased Bren about how bundled up she was but she actually was the smart one!

We once again were able to procure our usual spot and our tailgate actually extended 80 feet this week. Before long, however, we needed to take the tents down because of the strong wind whipping across the lot. It actually lifted the tents despite the use of cinderblocks. Since it was so chilly, taking them down allowed us to take advantage of the sun which was welcome on the cold day. Thankfully, we had some extra Bruschi Backer sweatshirts handy which added an extra layer.

Although the tents (and banner) weren’t up and it made it more difficult for people to find us, Peg and Joephoto were able to locate us which was great. She came with¬† a couple of friends and tailgate virgins who had a great time and had a lot of laughs.

Regulars were all in the house and Mike brought along a Bills punching bag which got quite a workout. Guests this week included Dave of Good, Bad & Ugly fame, Wicked Pissah Phil, and new friend Joel who ended up in the middle of our group last week.

Staples like my buffalo chili, Zip’s jambalaya, Al’s swordfish and little necks, Monty‘s assortment of grilled meats, Mark‘s pancakes, Robin‘s asparagus and a huge variety of breakfast foods meant that as usual, we all ate too much. Bren even kicked in with some venison stew which was reportedly tender and awesome.

Everyone had a great time at the tailgate and the boys came through and beat the Bills 20-10 insuring that post game champagne was a given as was the payback of “the wager”.

We enjoyed a relaxing post game tailgate and geared up to be back in 4 days for the battle of first place against the Jets on Thursday night.

sporting our new reversible pats hats

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