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December 2008
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Soggy Steelers Showdown 11/30/08

Just when we thought we had the lots figured out, they pulled a fast one on us for the Steelers game. We rendezvoused in the rain at Wicked and with a 4:15 kickoff, figured the lots would open at 11:30. When we arrived, they had already been open since 11:00 so we were forced to park in one of the middle rows. It was clear that the supervisor in the golf cart  wasn’t on duty either since there were many empty spots between cars along the perimeter which is a definite no-no. (As a rule, we’re strictly prohibited from even saving a single space for friends running late.)

Since we were in a regular row, cars were parked back to front so we didn’t have enough room to set up all of the tents and ended up with folks between us. Thankfully, they offered to switch spots with us so we could abut the rest of our crew.  They did however, have a wood fire burning which poured smoke into our tent and burned our eyes until we put up some walls.

Despite the continual rain and chilled conditions, we made the best of it and enjoyed great company, Patriotic comradeship,  and lots of food and drink. Zip wisely arranged for The Mighty One to stay in the car during the game with Amy since the cold rain never let up.  Vincent from Montreal made his way over as did  Miguel and Nancy and Ed Bryant.  It was a smallish crew this week with regulars, Zip, Monty, Mike, Mark, The Cardozas, Robin, Darren (with Madelyn), Karen & Don and Robin & Geoff with respective guests rounding out the crew.

Culinary highlights included Geoff’s mussels, Al’s swordfish, my Chili, Zip’s Jambalaya and every grilled meat known to man. Bruschi Brews were flowing and Karen’s hot rum cider was welcome on a damp, chilly day. Dave’s dad’s birthday cake was an added sweet treat. Due to our setup and the pouring rain outside, we weren’t able to get a group picture in and it was best to keep the cameras dry and under wraps for the majority of the tailgate and game.

Unfortunately, the game proved to be as messy as the weather and the Pats dropped one to the Steelers 33-10 before heading out for back to back west coast games.

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