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September 2009
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Jets @ Zip’s House 09/20/09

Facing our second division game in as many weeks, we decided to make the trek to Nashua to root on the Pats  at Zip’s Patriotic Shrine  with fellow Razor’s Edgers.  Armed with marinating steak tips to share and a cooler full of cold ones, we headed up early on the  glorious pre-fall day.

Big Al and Monty quickly took off to head down to the cigar shop, while I took advantage of some quality Zip Time.    The house quickly filled with fans and friends alike and food was set out in multiple rooms.  Many fine folk brought dishes to share and there was a variety to suit every pallet. Naturally, we started off with our usual pre-game toast and jello shot.

Rooms filled, and fans viewed the game from whatever vantage point they found most comfortable,  whether it be couch, floor, leaning or standing, Most everyone was glued to the sets and shouts of DE-FENSE could be heard coming from each room. Likewise, groans echoed as opportunities came and went.

Poor Zip was relegated to the Sea Porch since his presence in the main room brought bad luck. However, in the end, it didn’t really matter where he was,  since despite our mojo, the boys fell short  16-9. The lone Jets fan in the house was the only happy camper as the clock wound down, especially seeing our host donning the green and white in payment of the pre-game wager.

Despite the loss, the sharing of good food, libations, and time spent with friends made the trip well worth it. A great time was had by all, and the half-time charity raffle netted $221 for this week’s recipient  Ben Watson’s, One More.

Check out the rest of the pictures here.

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