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October 2010
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Miami Trek 2010

Miami2010 003
The Cardozas departed bright and early on a fall day to meet up with southern friends and Pat’s fans, Bama and Steve. Flying out on Saturday morning, 10/02/10, we figured it would give us plenty of time to get settled before the team pulled in. We met up with our fellow mini-trekkers at the airport, shared a rental car to the hotel and checked in only to find that BB pulled a fast on on us and the team was not staying at our beloved Westin for the first time in a dozen years. We promptly checked in, said hello to the staff that we’ve known for years and Big Al and I donned swimsuits and hit he pool area.  Oxana was quick to supply us with Margaritas and we soaked up the sun then took in some college football on Saturday night.

Sunday morning brought an early morning trip to the running track then the breakfast buffet down at Aruba.  Despite the couple next  to us who were either cocked out of their shorts, drugged up on shrooms or mentally ill, we had a good breakfast then hit some shops down at  Lauderdale by the Sea.  Sunday afternoon meant more pool time as well as NFL football then dinner with the family at La Bamba on Sunday night. Game day morning brought breakfast at the Moonlight Diner then pedicures for Steve, Al and Karen while Bams goofed on us from the hotel.  We enjoyed more pool time while preparing for the game and talking football. Come Monday night, we headed out to Kelly’s Landing for NE Seafood to ramp up for the game and Bama felt like he took his life in his hands due to Steve’s driving!  No train tracks were in sight but Bama got plenty of action pressing his passenger seat break!  We arrived in one piece, had enough time for a couple of sodas and cigars then headed in to the stadium. 

We enjoyed our 3rd row seats on the Pats side, especially when our ST boys started dominating the game. Suddenly, the Fins crowd got awfully silent and sounds of De-fense could be heard through out the stadium. It was great to be part of a historic game and leave the stadium with a 41-14 victory.  Lord knows,we’ve been on the other side more than once in the past!  Post game, we hung around for awhile to beat traffic, made our way home to the hotel for a nightcap then drove together to the airport with “so longs” until the mini-trek crew regroups at Vikings game on Halloween night at Gillette.

See all the pics  here!

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