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September 2012
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Tailgate Game 1 Arizona Cardinals at New England Patriots 9/16 by Mark Morse


With much anticipation we were expecting 15-17 cars for our to the Rodman parking lot. This will be the first time that we are using the Rodman parking lot.
We gathered at 8:15 at the regular meeting spot in front of Brookline Movers and across Old Post Road from Mick McGee’s (formerly Wicked) parking lot.
New for this year is an attempt to strategically place the tailgaters with canopies at the head of the line entering Rodman’s parking lot. Our goal was to get 5-6 spots together on the grassy area adjacent to Rte 1. We were only partially successful. Our 14 car caravan lost a few people on the way with traffic lights. We also were forced to the breakdown lane because the main lot in entrance P10 was not opened yet. P9160567 There were 7 spots open but curiously, one had a car in it in the middle of other 7 and nobody around it! We politely asked another truck to move over one spot and they politely refused. So we split the 5 cars that had canopies into two groups. Unfortunately we had another car jump in between us. So we were 3 and 2. Another of our group was able to park along the grass so we made the best of an awkward situation. We aligned or tailgate on the two cars in the middle. We had three EZ up canopies (Robin and Geoff; Anita and Mark and Karen and Don) together from the sidewalk on Rte 1 back to the cars with enough space for another which Monty utilized for his charcoal grill. P9160564P9160568P9160582 At a left angle from Robin’s and my canopies were the angular canopies of Robin McManus and Mike Arronson. To their left were Randy Pierce and Kathy Dunn along with Randy’s friends Mark and Michelle. Bottom line was that we all had enough room and although we were spread out by the left angle, we were all in close proximity and we could easily walk from one area to the others to socialize. This was actually better than the horizontal tailgate that went on for over 100’.

We were later joined by Larry and Laureen who were separated from the original caravan, Laureen’s aunt and friend, Dana and Iris Johnson as well as Jim Keenan from Rochester. Vincent Raymond and his Canadian crew was a couple of cars up from us on the grass as well. P9160569
Jess Dempsey and Scott Julian joined in with me, as well as Rick Perriera

Miles Talvola had a great time doing his best Randy Moss impression. There was enough room for Miles to run around and play catch. There was also a bean bag toss games as well. Thanks to Kathy Dunn for another version of her Trivia game. Contestants and the audience watching had great time … Kathy, not so much! She is a great sport and we all had fun participating. My partner Vincent Raymond (who carried me … his back must be broken) and I came in 1st place.


Jess and Scott were very appreciative to Robin McManus, Rich Oljey and myself for helping them realize they were meant for each other. They have been dating ever since we convinced them back in the playoffs last year.

Anita Morse was her mothering self when she was trying to assist a passing fan looking for Lot 33. Young Canadian Greg Brennon will probably be joining us at future tailgates because he had so much fun at ours. He got to meet fellow Canadians in Vincent’s crew. Turns out his tailgate was just in the next lot down the road.

Overall reaction to the new lot is very positive. Vincent proclaimed it to be a sexist (that’s success in Vincent’s French Canadian accent).



Comment from Karen
Time: September 23, 2012, 12:24 am

Looks like a fantastic spot and a great inaugural 2012 tailgate. Miss you guys! Xoxo. Go Pats!

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