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September 2012
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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Ravens) by Dave Levine

The Good
- We came out fast and scored early and often.
- Other than the final drive, I love the balance of our O. Ridley continues to run hard.
- I like that Deion got up and said something to Reed after the penalty. They showed mutual respect for each other.
- Ghost was solid as was Mesko. Both had nice games.
- Wes is certainly part of this offence. This should shut most everyone up on the subject.
- I love Lloyd and what he brings to this team. Looks like he and Brady have been playing for years.
- I like the resigning of Branch. Someone Brady knows and trusts.

The Bad
- Was there a play that Chandler Jones wasn’t held. I watched 3 consecutive plays where either he or Ninkovitch were held after beating the OL and there were no calls.
- The D ran out of gas at the end. The hurry-up killed us and we couldn’t do anything on the final 2 drives.
- The O needed 1 more 1st down to ice the game. Why did we go away from the pass which was working on the final drive and force the run.
- McCourty’s drop didn’t matter as we stopped them on 4th down late anyway. The first near pick was a great play by the WR on an overthrown ball.
- Brady hung Wes out to dry and got leveled on a high throw. Brady said something to him after but I couldn’t read lips. He was smiling though.
- The missed Pita tackle was pathetic. Neither guy tried and it looked like McCourty tried to get out of the way.
- Where is our screen game? That would have helped us in the final drive against an all out blitz.
- Our tackling went to sh** after 2 games of being solid. Too many misses and too much YAC
- I would have liked to see more of Winslow. He can make plays if given the chance.

The Ugly
- The refs lost control of the game in the opening few minutes and tried to reign it back in by flagging everything. The problem was that they arbitrarily applied the rules and really butchered the game. The following are major infractions.
o Offensive pass interference on Edelman when it should have been no call or defensive pass interference. Cost us a first down at the 10 and had to settle for a FG
o Defensive PI on McCourty on the final Ravens TD drive. Should have been incomplete as there was no contact, at all. Instead of 3rd and 14 deep in Raven’s end, a 25 yard penalty and great field position leading to a TD
o No call on Smith’s 2nd TD. Should have been offensive PI for pushing off. Clear as day.
o Allowing a measurement on 3rd and 1, when it was clearly short where spotted. This gave Baltimore time to look to challenge.
o Spotting the ball short of the first down on the above play when the receiver reached forward to the first down.
o Spotting a Ridley run about a yard short of where it should have been.
o Holding on Spikes negating the sack (or not calling the same thing when Lewis grabbed Gronk).
o Waiting until Brady whined about being landed on by the fat DL after sliding. Should have been called immediately.
o No call when Edelman was nearly decapitated.
o How do you throw a flag and then just pick it up, deciding you didn’t see what you saw?
o Constant fighting and pushing with no penalties

Dave Levine

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