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November 2012
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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Colts)

The Good
- We have now put up 358 points and a scoring differential of +133. Only 1 other team in the NFL has put up more than 300 so far and others have greater than +100 differentials. No cheating. Can you guess who? Answers below.
- Our D really started playing well once we started to pressure Luck.
- Is there any more opportunistic D in the league than ours. Wow. Fumble recovery. 1 play, 25 yards, 6 seconds. 2 INTs returned and a punt returned.
- Edelman will take over for Welker next year. We have been waiting for him to crack the lineup and for the past couple of weeks, he has been taking more and more of Deion’s playing time. What a game from number 11.
- I think McCourty should stay at safety. He is quick to the ball and a solid tackler.
- Aquib played a nice game for the first one back. The first TD was a perfect pass into great coverage. He was beaten deep but guessed wrong on another play. He is, however, a solid tackler (took on a TE and hit him low, square and in the legs). I think he’ll be a nice addition to the team. The runback was great.
- Our backup guards continue to do a fantastic job. That OL coach of ours is pretty damn good.
- Both tackles kept 2 good pass rushers at bay for most of the game. No sacks and only 1 or 2 pressures. Freeny had 1 tackle and Mathis had 2 assists. Though Solder was called for a couple of holds.
- I don’t know what BB said at half time but it reminded me of a couple years ago when we would come out and dominate the 2nd half.
- Fozzie Dennard with a pick 6 and our new starting CB (opposite Talib).
- At one point in the first half, Brady was off the field for 32 minutes and we ended up outscoring them 14-3 over that time. Pretty damn impressive.
- We finally held for no points at the end of the half. That gave us some momentum into the third quarter.
- Reggie Wayne was targeted 18 times in the game and only caught 7 for 72 yards. Not a bad day for the D.
- I love the controlled pass rush we implemented at the half. We pressured but kept Luck contained and didn’t let him scramble. On top of that, we made all the tackles the first time and didn’t give up any extra yards like last week.
- Gronk became the 1st TE in history to have 3 straight seasons with 10+ TDs. Damn. He also has the most TD catches over the last 3 years, 6 ahead of Megatron. Moss holds the 3 year record of 43 which is now not going to be challenged due to the injury.
- Spikes was in the backfield for a number of plays. He was able to shoot though the gaps left easily.

The Bad
- The rest of the season will be tough without Gronk. I don’t see us beating both Houston and San Fran without him. The rest of the games are winnable so figure an 11 and 6 finish and the 3rd seed.
- Bad miss by Ghost. I thought that could come and haunt us at the half but I guess I was being overly critical.
- Arrington had good position on the first PI called. He just had to turn for the ball and it would have been fine.
- Hernandez needs to heal quicker but I don’t want to rush him back. We need him for the stretch run.
- Chandler Jones tweaked an ankle that I hope isn’t too bad. We need his pass rush and I would hate to see a promising rookie season cut short.

The Ugly
- The reverse fooled the Colts so bad that lead blocker Hoomanawanui was 40 yards down field still looking for someone to hit.
- Edelman will get ribbed for getting tackled by the punter but at least he was bottled up by the sideline. In Houston, the Keyshawn Martin was actually caught from behind by the punter. That’s embarrassing.
- We only had 1 offensive series in the second quarter and never had a drive last longer than 4:11.
- I am getting tired of these bogus roughing the passer calls. Mayo hit Luck square in the chest with his head up and didn’t drive him into the ground but they call the blow to the head because his helmet grazed Luck’s chin. The only way that is never contact with the QBs head is if we use smaller defenders so they can’t reach. Wait, can’t do that either. Then it would be going after the QBs knees. Can’t win.

The Quiz… Denver has put up 301 points and Chicago (+109) and Houston (+113) are the answers.

Dave Levine

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