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December 2012
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Say hello to your AFC East Division Champin New England Patriots …

They dispatched the gritty Miami Dolphins with stout defense and opportunistic offense, as well as a clock eating final drive that they ran the ball down their throats. The Hats and T-shirts were quickly stashed in their bags as they were already preparing to play Houston for 1st place in the Conference.

I will not be going to the game Monday night as a work commitment prevents me from leaving early or coming in late! My son Gregory will be there in my place sharing a spot with SOB Rich Oljey. For the 8:30 game we will meet at 3:00 at the regular meeting spot in front of Brookline Movers and across Old Post Road from Mick McGee’s (formerly Wicked) parking lot.
New for this year is an attempt to strategically place the tailgaters with canopies at the head of the line entering Rodman’s parking lot. Our goal was to get 5-6 spots together on the grassy area adjacent to Rte 1. We have been utilizing a Quad configuration that has also allowed for other members of our tailgating crew to set up just outside of the quad. I also have two sets of side walls that I will zip together and roll out so that we can wrap the Quad. Greg will have one propane heater and I expect that Don will have another.

The Rodman Lot is $50 to park. This money goes to charity (not Bob Kraft). Other benefits are that you get in the express lane going North and when exiting the Rodman lot you can go either North or South on Rte 1.

For Monday’s 8:30 game we will meet at 3:00 and leave by 3:15.
If you haven’t let me know you will be attending, please let me know as soon as possible!

Caravan to Parking — Rt 95 S (Bear right at split with 93N) toward Providence. Take exit 9 (Route 1 south ). Immediately move to the right lane and look for the 1st restaurant on your right (Mick Morgan’s) DO NOT PARK THERE. Pull up to the light and take a right onto Old Post Road. Turn into the parking after the Liquor Store and before Brookline Movers. Back into angled parking spaces for ease of egress when we are leaving the lot. Be in the lot by 8:15. Caravan of cars will leave by 8:30.

Meeting at the Tailgate – Continue on Rt 1 S as you approach the stadium. Take right into the Rodman Ford Collision Center. Look for our setup near the Pedestrian Crosswalk. We will have the Red Razor’s Edge Tailgate banner, and I will also be flying a new Patriots Flag and American Flag.

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