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December 2012
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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Miami)

The Good
- We don’t lose the hat and shirt games.
- Wendell has not gotten much press but he was great. The block he threw on the Welker TD was really good.
- The D continues to improve. We played a solid game and they really made up for an O that struggled some.
- What a final drive. That is what we used to do. Get the ball, chew up the clock and end it with a score. We took over 7 minutes off the clock in 13 plays on that drive.
- After starting slow, the running game really took hold in the final quarter. Ridley and the line really played hard.
- Vince says that it’s my ball.
- A couple of sacks from Trevor Scott. Next guy up on the depth chart.

The Bad
- Brady wasn’t his normal self. He looked a little off all day.
- Welker dropped an easy TD.
- Can we please stop running Woodhead up the middle? He is a great change of pace back but the standard 32 power just isn’t his strong suit.
- Ghost missed again. What is going on with him. Hit 3 later but the first was brutal.
- Connelly was hurt again. We need him to be healthy.
- Edelman hurt his foot. He adds a dynamic to the punt return that we need and I don’t think we get with anyone
- The first sack in forever and the first pick in forever. Got them out of the way so now we can start again.
- Too many penalties. I hate offensive holding when we don’t need to hold. It’s a big penalty and tough to overcome.
- Why can’t we run on first and goal from short distance. We pass far too often in that situation. Give it to Ridley and let him pound it home.

The Ugly
- False start on the offence, number 82. Started running downfield prior to the snap. Five yard penalty for looking stupid, repeat first down.
- Nice punt. No, pick up the ball. No, the ball. Ah forget it.
- Hate the announcers. They never told us how long a play went for and constantly screwed up the call. Freaked out over the last play when Brady centered the ball and called it a fumble. Wow.
- Personal foul on New England (pointing to Miami), personal foul on Miami (pointing to New England). Personal foul on New England, pointing to New England after already calling one on us. What a waste of a couple of minutes that was.
- New York Jets
- Arizona Cardinals
- The game between the Jets and the Cardinals was the 1pm offering on FOX.

Dave Levine

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