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January 2013
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AFC Division Championship Game Sunday 1/13 4:30 PM vs Texans

Bring on the Playoff with what we hope will be another Three Games To Glory! The Houston Texans are already talking smack that they were embarrassed and owe the Patriots some payback. We as fans need to be loud at the game on Sunday and disregard the beatdown we gave Houston in the last meeting. For the final regular season game we jumped off from our meeting place at 10:15 and had to wait fifteen minutes until they opened the Rodman lot. We were first in the queue and opened the lot. I think we use the same meeting time of 10:00 and leave by 10:15. We were able to shovel off the grass and placed our canopies in the quad configuration. Remember parking is $50 at the Rodman lot

Caravan to Parking — Rt 95 S (Bear right at split with 93N) toward Providence. Take exit 9 (Route 1 south ). Immediately move to the right lane and look for the 1st restaurant on your right (Mick Morgan’s) DO NOT PARK THERE. Pull up to the light and take a right onto Old Post Road. Turn into the parking after the Liquor Stor…e and before Brookline Movers. Back into angled parking spaces for ease of egress when we are leaving the lot. Be in the lot by 10:00. Caravan of cars will leave by 10:15.

Meeting at the Tailgate – Continue on Rt 1 S as you approach the stadium. As Rt 1 takes a dip, at the traffic light, look for Rodman Collision Center is on the right (look for our red Razor’s Edge Tailgate sign). Take a right into their parking lot and park as directed. You can join us on the grass. We will have one or more canopies together. Our setup is right at the 1st pedestrian crosswalk on Rt 1 S (see Patriots parking Map).
Please let me know as soon as possible whether or not you will be attending!

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