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October 2013
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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Falcons)

The Good
- Is there any reason we should not be trying to lock up Talib for the next couple of years. He is playing better than any corner since Ty Law. He is physical and competes on every play. He played great last night. 8 passes thrown at him, 1 completion for 1 yard and a pick.
- The D overall held Atlanta all night long. I only saw 1 bad play which was the poor coverage on the 1st Gonzalez TD. Other than that, we were in place to make numerous plays. The long pass to Jones on the final drive had perfect coverage. The 2nd TD to Gonzalez was tight coverage and challenged by the DB. Neither went our way but we were in position to make a play. That is a far cry from the last couple of years. Holding Atlanta to 6 of 14 on 3rd down was huge. 0 for 2 on 4th is equally as big.
- 7 for 13 on third down is a big improvement over the last couple of weeks. We seemed to be in more of a rhythm this week.
- Blount has some wheels. On the TD run, I thought for sure he would be chased down at the 20. Then I was positive it would have been at the 10. When he was finally hit at the 5, it was too late to bring the big man down.
- Connelly and Devlin had 2 great blocks to spring Blount for the TD. Nice blocking schemes all night. The OL opened holes for the run game and gave 12 plenty of time all night.
- Great game plan. By staying committed to the run early, it really opened up the play action later in the game. We really fooled the D on a couple of plays for us.
- Kenbrell had a drop or 2 but made a couple of huge catches for us. The TD was phenomenal but the 3rd and 20 something conversion was even better. He caught it and was able to avoid the huge hit. When he took the ball away from the defender early in the game, you could see Tom’s confidence rise.
- Edelman continues to shine without Amendola. I hope he continues once Danny and Gronk get back.
- Allen continues to boom the ball. I loved Zoltan but I have seen no drop-off.
- Ghost had another nice game. 2 long FGs and numerous kicks through the EZ.
- Glad to see U Maine alum Mulligan get the TD grab. 6 games in 5 years is not a great resume but catching a TD from #12 helps pad the stats.
- The 80 year old Gonzalez is a monster. The guy just plays football. He was virtually uncoverable all game until we hit him with 2 guys at the LOS on the last drive. He looks as good as ever. (this was a great in-game adjustment by Patricia).

The Bad
- How many think Sudfeld might be off this team? He has done nothing on offence and only played 8 snaps last night. He botched the onsides kick that would have iced the game for us.
- Vince is done for the season. This one hurts bad. He was the heart of the D and a dominant player on the line. He commanded a double team which freed up the LBs and the other linemen to make plays. He will be missed.
- I thought the refs were atrocious last night. There were 3 huge calls that were either ignored or went against us. How can there not be a call for interference with a fair catch when the defender clearly lowered his shoulder to hit Edelman in the head. How can there not be holding in the end zone on the play where Dobson got hurt (not complaining about the hit, just the lack of a clear hold on a key play). How can there be PI on Talib when White clearly pushed him out of the way? All 3 were awful. Also, Blount had the first down on the last drive. He clearly landed on the yellow line which was exactly on the yard marker yet the ball was spotted short of the yard marker. Another botched call.
- No replay? Really? How can a multi-billion dollar league not have replay available? I could have watched the replay at home on my DVR if I wanted to. The whole system needs to be reviewed and changed. Move the replay official back into the booth to make the calls. No challenges.
- Can we get rid of kickoffs? If I counted right, of the 13 kickoffs, only 1 was returned for 29 yards giving Atlanta the ball at the 24. What a waste of time.
- This is twice where Brady dropped the snap on a short yardage play. Looks like he is pulling out too quickly in an attempt to get the ball to the back.
- I thought Atlanta’s decision to go for it in the first quarter was not a strong football decision. Take the points against a team that is struggling to score.
- Ryan did not look all that good. I don’t get to watch him on a regular basis but I was not impressed.

The Ugly
- Pittsburgh’s OL is as bad as I have ever seen. They can’t keep Roethlesburger upright (and he holds the ball too long which doesn’t help).
- Jacksonville is as bad as advertised. In 4 games, they are averaging 7.7 points per game while giving up 32.2. They are on pace to give up a total of over 500 points while only scoring under 130. Yuck.
- The Giants have given up 146 points already. That will translate to 584 over a 16 game season. It’s fun to see them 0-4 already.
- Philly isn’t that far behind at 138 points allowed.
- My fantasy team sucks. When your QB scores half your points in a week, you are in trouble.
- Sanchez is making $13.5M this year for sitting on the bench. Eli is making $16.5 to throw 9 INTs. Roethlisberger is making $14.7 to stink.

Dave Levine

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