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October 2013
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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Phins)

The Good
- If I told you we would lose 2 defensive captains, start 5 rookies and Brady would be an average QB at the beginning of the year, would you have guessed 6 and 2 for a record?
- We finally made some halftime adjustments that worked. We had been terrible in the 3rd quarter but we came out of the locker room a different team. The D was solid and the O had some sustained drives.
- Loved the way we managed the game at the end of the 3rd quarter with the wind. Knowing that it was a big factor, we smartly took a time out before the 3rd down play. We were then able to kick the 48 yarder with the wind. Going the other direction, Ghost doesn’t have the leg for it.
- Chris Jones was on the streets a few weeks ago. Now he is starting and playing every snap for a 6 and 2 team. 2nd week in a row he doesn’t come off the field. 7 tackles, 2 for a loss and a sack is a full day.
- I liked replacing the slow Hightower with the faster and smaller Fletcher in the dime package. He provides a lot more flexibility in coverage. He isn’t as good in the base packages but that is why we can substitute.
- After not playing in the first half, Logan Ryan had a couple of huge blitzes that really caused problems for Miami. After grabbing his junk while showboating last week, BB probably had him sit for the half.
- We finally decided to stop running the stretch play with Blount and ran him hard up the middle. Leave that outside stuff to Ridley who is faster and more decisive. I am also glad to see we switched up and ran Ridley, who had now really run hard in 2 straight games.
- Great smarts by McCourty to tip the ball back into play and great footwork for Cole to get both feet down and secure the INT.
- I am glad we were able to get pressure on the QB and force some turnovers because of it. 6 sacks is a great number
- Megatron goes off for 327 and 1 touchdown. Could have had 2 more but he was stopped on the 1 each time. This guy is a monster and came up just short of the record.
- We held Miami to 8 for 17 on 3rd down conversions. Less than 50% with our decimated D is pretty good.
- The turnover streak continues. We just need to do a better job holding on to the ball ourselves

The Bad
- Is there something wrong with Brady. He, once again, looked lost out there and made many bad decisions. I have never seen him act like this. He usually checks to a good play and more times than not, the play works. This year, the checks and reads aren’t right. He has also missed too many throws. At halftime, I mentioned it may be time to bench Brady for the rest of the game and see if we can figure this thing out. Is it the hand? The shoulder? Is he still pissed he lost his Welker binkie?
- I thought the refs were pretty bad. At least this time we were on the right side of it. The PI on the Gronk pass was not PI. Gronk was triple covered and everyone was going for the ball. The batting the ball looked like the right call at the time. The reviews made it look otherwise. Huge penalty. Instead of a sack, fumble, recovery making it 4th and 28, out of field goal range, we got a first down inside the 20.
- How many more injuries can we take before we fall apart. Losing Seabass could have a huge impact on our line. We will need to find a new backup.
- We were still only 2 for 10 on third down. This can’t continue if we want to win.
- We gave up another 3rd and insanely long conversion.

The Ugly
- I am really confused this year. We play Cincy and fight to the end. We play the Jets and lose in OT. The Jets play Cincy and get embarrassed. I can’t seem to predict anything this year.
- Pouncy was served with a court summons in a weapons charge against Hernandez after the game. Talk about adding insult to injury.
- In “I hate to see a grown man cry” news… you have to feel for Seabass. He really let out a yell that you knew something was very wrong.
- In “I hate to see a grown mad cry” news part 2… I feel bad for Kolten Wong. The rookie got overly anxious and wondered too far from the base and Koji made him pay.
- Anyone see the Dez Bryant tirade on the sidelines? Talk about a diva.

Dave Levine

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