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January 2018
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Tailgate Information

Pats vs. Jets Tailgate 11/12/06We are a group of  Full Tilt, Full Time Patriots fans who have been tailgating together for a number of years. We’ve had many homes over the years due to ongoing construction around Gillette Stadium and most recently our Lot being re-designated as the Employee Parking Lot. Our former location of Lot 3 @ P2 and now P10N, Lot 51 is no longer available to us so we’re going to be tailgating in the Rodman’s Ford Lot this season.

Keep your eyes open for the 54 Full Tilt, Full Time banner or the red Razor’s Edge Tailgate banner!

So, if you’d like to try to join us, my suggestion is that you still bring everything you need for a standalone tailgate just in case we can’t coordinate due to the parking situation.

Click HERE for Patriots parking information.

Update: We have made a lot change again, hopefully our last but only time will tell. We are now parking in the Rodman’s Ford lot. It is a private lot just a little further from the stadium and a little more cost but the ease of entry, parking, exit, and overall experience seems to be great and it is a charity lot so it is going to great causes.