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Charity Information

* Note, due to our “up in the air” tailgate location and inability to insure that everyone will end up together this year, we’re encouraging fans to bring whatever you need for your own tailgate, and set up next to us if you can. For this reason, we’re not formally putting out a charity donation bin this year.

The Razor’s Edge Tailgate has selected Tedy’s Team as their Charity of choice once again for the 2007 Tailgate Season. This year we are choosing, as we did last year, to join our efforts towards Tedy Bruschi’s Charity, Tedy’s Team, in our Game Day Collections. After his stroke and recovery efforts, Tedy dedicated his philanthropic efforts towards joining forces with the American Stroke Association. Strokes are the leading cause of disability and third leading cause of death in the United States. There are innumerable worthy charities and we cannot reasonably aid them all but we believe we have selected a worthy option and ultimately hope that by doing what we enjoy, tailgating for Patriots game-day, we are able to bring about a little help to one worthy cause.

I have spoken with the Charity Director and they are glad for any of our efforts and exceedingly supportive of our Full Tilt – Full Time crew. Please feel free to review the considerable information on their Website at:

Tedy’s Team focuses on organizing two charity runs a year (the Boston Marathon and the Falmouth Classic), and all of the donations are sent to support the American Stroke Association. All of our donations will go directly to the American Stroke Association through Tedy’s Team.

As always our Tailgate remains an open place of welcome, hospitality, revelry and Patriotic Fervor. There is always food, beverage and friendship to be shared by the many guests and members of the Razor’s Edge. The Donation bin is always present and while we do urge you to consider that as a method of appreciation for the offerings, it is by no means a requirement. Hopefully we can exceed all past efforts on all fronts. Please do share the knowledge of the charity with the friends you bring to us and if you ever have trouble finding it please do ask as we try to ensure it is very visible but as the tailgate ranks swell on occasion this can be challenging.

Thank you as always, and now, let’s get ready for some Football!
Below we will keep a running tally of all Tailgate Donation amounts and a single check will be given to Tedy’s Team at the conclusion of the Tailgate Season in early February!


Buffalo Bills $77

Denver Broncos $37

Bengals @ Zip’s $31

Miami Dolphins $121

Indianapolis Colts $55

New York Jets $88

Chicago Bears $85

Detroit Lions $106

Houston Texans $54

New York Jets Wildcard Game $438 WOW!!!

Playoff Games @ Zip’s $111

Total: $1,203


Jets (@Zip’s) & Chargers $159

Bills $86

@Bengals, Browns, @Cowboys, @Dolphins, Redskins, @Colts, @Bills, Eagles (@Zip’s house and Tailgate) $486

Ravens (@Zip’s) Steelers, Jets $61

Dolphins $66

Giants (@Zip’s) $142

Jaguars $32

Chargers $32

Superbowl 42 (@Zip’s) $200

Total  $1254.54 donated to Tedy’s Team :-)

2005 Donation of $600.00 was made to The Tomorrow Fund from The Razor’s Edge Tailgate.

2004 Donation of $1054.00 was made to the CJ Buckley Foundation (Our Sailing Star) on behalf of the Razor’s Edge Tailgate.


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