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January 2018
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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Bye Week)

I usually don’t do a GBU for the bye but by special request, I will send out an abbreviated one.

The Good
- Both Miami and Buffalo lose which always helps in the quest to win the division. The Jets, on a bye, didn’t do anything stupid.
- Atlanta. They have as dangerous an offence as we do. White, Jones and Gonzalez are as good as our receivers. Ryan is developing into a stud. Turner is still very effective. Solid OL. They are going to be tough to beat.
- Andrew Luck. What a performance.
- Doug Martin. Wow.
- Ron Rivera saved his job, for at least one more week.
- Anyone see the move AP made on the sideline as part of a 74 yard run. He cut back into the field and made 2 defenders tackle each other. I guess his knee is ok.
- I like the Aqib Talib signing. For a 4th rounder, we get a very good CB who will upgrade our team. It’s a rent a player deal. If he screws up, he’s gone. Not a bad investment at this point in the year.

The Bad
- Houston, Denver, Baltimore and Pittsburgh all win which hurts us in the chase to be a top seed.
- Tennessee had a performance that could have gone on the ugly side but Chicago’s D is that good. They are just plain bad.
- Who loses their job first, Pat Shurmer or Romeo Crennel?

The Ugly
- Officials did everything they could to give the Giants a win but alas, couldn’t make it happen. First, a forward pass that was called a fumble by Roethlesshamburger. Then on the return, a clear block in the back that was ignored. Later, a blow to the head when the defensive player hit the guy in the shoulder/chest area. Too bad the Steelers won but that was just bad.
- Dallas and Romo suck. They have nothing. Receivers dropping passes, defense that can’t stop the run when they know it’s coming. Worst of all, however, was the final play call. Needing a TD and about 65 yards away, instead of throwing the Hail Mary, they run the hook and lateral. Not a bad call but you need both parts of the play to be successful. The hook part worked, completing a 35 yard pass. Problem was the lateral part was nonexistent as no one was near the receiver. Tackled and the game was over.
- Michael Vick is blaming the media for the Eagles problems. Says it gives the team too much to think about. How about just thinking about the play book and running what you practice. Unless you practice throwing to the D or just dropping the ball on the ground. If that’s the case, you are doing a great job.

David Levine

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Rams)

The Good
- Non Pats related but I survived the storm with no damage and only some twigs in the yard.  Lost power for about 30 minutes at around 6 and then again for only a few seconds around 9.  Other than that, no issues from Sandy other than cancelling Ben’s football practice.
- Tommy was indeed terrific.  Not much that can be faulted with that performance other than 1 underthrown ball that could have been intercepted (great play by Lloyd to break it up).
- I loved the offensive variety.  We passed short and medium, mixed in multiple screens and ran at various times.  It seemed like we had the Rams guessing run when we passed and pass when we ran.  Can’t complain.
- I liked the 4th down call with Vereen instead of Ridley (and especially over Woodhead).  Vereen is that hybrid that can catch, take it outside and just enough power to run inside.  He is the back you want in if you want to keep the D on their toes.  Ridley would be my second choice as he has the power to run over a guy and get the yard.  If you want some trickery, Vereen is the better back.
- Gronk.  The catch at the 1 was about as good as I have seen.  What agility for a big man.  Loved the changing of the guard spike.  You could hear the crowd moan when he was downed at the 1 as they wanted to see the spike.  Later, you could hear them erupt when he did his thing, twice.
- Hoomanamanui was great as a FB and blocking TE.  He found a guy and hit them, opening a hole for the RB each time.  For a receiving TE, he is blocking very well.
- The fake screen to Welker, look for Lloyd back to Welker pass just shows how in sync Brady is with his receivers.  That was just smart football.
- Any time you score on your first 6  possessions, you are having a good day.  When 5 are TDs, it’s even better.
- Finally, a blitz.  With the added pressure, the QB had less time to make a decision and the DBs could stay with the receivers longer.  Nice play calling on the D side of the ball.
- McCourty needs to stay at safety.  He really plays well in that position.
- There’s Waldo…
- Vince in pass coverage.  From the nose, he saw the swing pass, went out to cover the RB, chased him down and made the tackle for a loss.  Can you imagine what the 195 lb RB was thinking when this 340 lb behemoth was chasing him down?
- Did Brady get dirty?  The OL was fantastic against a good pair of DEs.

The Bad
- I am tired of running with Woodhead on 3rd and 1 plays.  He just doesn’t have the beef to move the pile 1 yard.  He doesn’t hit the hole hard enough to get through those little creases.  He has quickness and a lot of wiggle but doesn’t have the ability to put his head down and get the yard we need.
- Was it me or was there a commercial or delay every 2 minutes.  That’s what I hate about the national games.  Too much wasted time, not enough football.
- I never like to see a player regress with an injury and that’s what happened with Hernandez.  After being out a few weeks and playing for 2, he is back out.  Hopefully, they just decided that a 2 week rest was better than risking another injury.
- Welker retweaked his ankle at the end of the game.  Hope the 2 week break is enough time.
- Great kickoff to pin them at the 10 and we were offsides.  That one play cost us 20 yards.  This is the second time this year.  Just wait to cross the line.

The Ugly
- The first note I wrote down when watching the game – “We Suck”.  After that, not so much sucking.
- I think Fletcher was just called for another pass interference penalty.
- There really isn’t a fourth category for hideous but could anyone watch the Pittsburgh game?  Those uniforms were about as bad as I have ever seen.
- Down by a bundle, the Rams quit.  I hate when teams don’t play hard to the end.

Dave Levine

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (J-E-T-S)

The Good
- Brady is still clutch. The final 2 drives, to tie and win were pretty good.
- Ghost is back to form. Both clutch kicks were huge. The 48 yarder was a bomb.
- Mesko was very good, hitting many punts inside the 20 and keeping the field position battle flipped to us.
- Vince blew up the run play causing the safety. He pushed his guy into the backfield and interrupted the handoff. Big play from a big man.
- Ninkovitch is an everywhere player. He rushes from the end, he covers from the linebacker, he run stops as an LB. Love the way he plays.
- Love the throwbacks.
- Vereen looked good in the limited action he had. Didn’t realize he was so fast.
- McCourty played very well as a safety. He looks comfortable back there. With our top 2 guys hurt, we had to shuffle everyone around and he filled in nicely.
- Spikes absolutely unloaded on Green. It was completely legal and Green had no business getting back into the game as he looked unconscious when falling to the ground.
- Even without Mankins, our line held up well and 12 was only sacked once. They opened holes for the run game at times and held off a pretty good front 4 of the J-E-T-S.

The Bad
- Our secondary really needs a different plan. This soft zone is just not working. Receivers have way too long to search and find the holes. We need to either bring an extra rusher to force an earlier throw or change the coverage scheme to hold up the receivers more.
- I don’t like McCourty as kick returner and the 104 yard TD doesn’t change my mind. He just isn’t fast enough (or decisive enough) to do the job. I watched Cincy the other night and Tate consistently brought the ball out to the 30 with a chance to break it almost every time. McCourty brings it to the 17 to 23 yard line every time. The fumble just reinforces my thought. Try Edelman. He is fearless on punt returns and makes quick decisions to get the extra yards.
- Why is it when we need to pin the other team deep on a kickoff or punt, the ball goes deep enough but we always blow the coverage to allow a big return. Happened again at the end of the game after a punt.
- I don’t like the hurry up run on 3rd and short with Woodhead. I understand we are hoping to catch the D but Woodhead doesn’t have the bulk to carry a player for the 1st down. I’d rather sub in Ridley (or Bolden when healthy) and then run a good play.
- I didn’t think we controlled the pace in the second half like we did in the first. We went away from the hurry up for most of the half and never did the frantic pace. We were so effective with it against Buffalo and Denver. What happened?
- Lloyd looked out of step today. 2 drops for a guy who catches everything is not right. He hasn’t been a bust but he certainly hasn’t been a stud like we had hoped.
- I am not as down on the secondary as everyone else is as far as players. Our 2 of the 4 were out and we started a rookie who had seen little, if any, playing time. Get everyone healthy and see what we have first.

The Ugly
- Situational play calling is terrible. On the final drive before the half we are moving the ball and then go to a painfully slow flea-flicker. At the start of the 4th quarter, we run a slowly developing back side screen and this flare that didn’t seem to be designed well.. We needed some points and we went to the gimmick. Turned out that the Jets scored instead and changed the entire game at the half. When we are trying to run out the clock, why throw a bomb?
- Being replaced by a Brady isn’t bad. Ask Drew as that turned out fine. However, being replaced by a Brady Quinn? That’s pretty bad.
- How does Lloyd get flagged for offensive PI when Curley does the same thing and there is no call? I think both were penalties, mind you, but you have to call them equally and I have yet to see an O PI called on the team we are playing.

Dave Levine

The Patriots pulled a Houdini act and escaped with a win on Sunday.

The Patriots pulled a Houdini act and escaped with a win on Sunday. After the game those in attendance at the Razor’s Edge Tailgate felt they were lucky rather than good! It was a great day of tailgating with some beautiful fall weather and good friends new and old. We hit the opening of the Rodman lot on the nose as our caravan of 9 cars were #3 in line for the opening of the lot. When they saw the line form in the breakdown lane they opened the lot just before 11:00. We got a good 4 ½ hours of tailgating in before the game. We were all told to park along the grass so we saved space next to us for the guys that have been there for all three weeks and they appreciated that we accommodated them.
Those in attendance were; Robin, Myles and Geoff Talvola; Karen and Don Diamant (thanks for the jello shots); Mike; Sue Von Iderstine and the kids; Randy and Coach; Vincent and crew; Darren Dupre; Sherry, Brandon and Dave Piccott (from Halifax Nova Scotia) were all part of the caravan. Richard Basilesco joined us at Rodmans, and other visitors included Cathy Beaulieu Ringey and friend; as well as long time Patriots Bosco list members Phil Wilson and Steve Copeland ( visiting from FLA).
Our guests from Halifax were first time visitors to Gillette (long time fans) and they just loved every minute of our tailgate experience. They were amazed at all the food, the intricate setup, the wonderful camaraderie and family atmosphere of our tailgate. They were told by last year’s 1st time visitors Carla and Wayne Barnaby of the great time they had and they had to confess that the experience was everything they said it would be. I look forward to seeing everyone at our next tailgate (Buffalo Nov 11 1:00 kickoff).


Mark Morse


Tailgate Home Game 3 vs the dreaded Jests

This is a must win game for the Patriots and the home crowd is going to be needed in full voice to support our team.
OK now we know the lot will open early for a 4:20 game. With that knowledge we will leave at 10:30. We will meet at 10:15 and leave by 10:30. When heading out to the Rodman lot, we may have to queue up prior to their entrance in the breakdown lane. If you can’t meet us to caravan in, just park anywhere in the Rodman lot and meet us on the grass in front.

Mark Morse

[patriotzip] The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Broncos) by Dave Levine

The Good
- Our running game continues to impress. Over 200 yards for a second straight game and pretty much ran at will all day. All our guys are running hard.
- The OL was great. Not only did they open up giant holes for the RBs, they kept Brady clean. I thought 3 of the 4 sacks they gave up were on Tom for not throwing the ball away. He had time, just waited too long.
- Ninkovitch was left out last week but makes the list today. Monster game. 2 forced fumbles and a sack is good but there was constant pressure opposite Jones.
- I know we play no huddle (call a play at the line, survey and snap) as well as hurry up (get to the line, quick call and snap). Never have I ever seen frantic. Holy cow. We just kept running play after play, never letting off the gas and it worked. I don’t remember more than once where we really screwed up the call (goal line loss of 3 being the exception).
- Even with the frantic play calling, we still held the ball for almost 36 minutes. We also accumulated 35 first downs, on 89 plays. Holy crap.
- Our 3rd down conversion rate of 11 for 17 isn’t all bad.
- Loved the fact that we were so confident in our run game that we didn’t need to challenge the Lloyd catch to see if he got into the EZ or was he down at the 1. Just went hurry up and Vereen punched it in.
- Though he was beaten on the play, Moore made a nice play to punch the ball out, recover it, and turn it back up field. Great block on Thomas at the end of the run too.
- Brady was damn good. He controlled the game pace and got everyone lined up and communicated the play. Love that he has confidence to not check out of runs.
- McDaniels called a great game. Listened to Boomer on the radio this morning and talked about his last years in Cincy with Cory Dillon. Ran the hurry up and got the call from the bench most of the time. Said half the time he was so in sync with the O coordinator that he knew the play before it came in. Said the same was happening with Brady on a higher level. Confidence in the run will open the playbook to many more plays. A versatile back means you can run, keep him in to block, or split him wide for a pass.
- Our D held Manning to only 21 points and created 3 turnovers. Yes, we gave up some yards at the end and some points but Denver was in desperation mode at that point.
- Faulk is going to announce his retirement on Tuesday. Nice to see a great player go out without forcing 1 more year. Didn’t want to play for anyone but the Pats and but we had no room for him. Was a FA so we didn’t release him either. 3 time SB champ.
- Nice to see Dennard get some minutes. He even made a play or 2.

The Bad
- The execution of the 4th and 5. I don’t mind going for it from that part of the field but if you had made the decision earlier in the down sequence, we could have run better plays. I would have run on 3rd down. Assume a modest gain of 2 or 3. That would leave us with 4th and 2 or 3 with the clock moving. Denver takes their 2nd time out. We then have the option to A) run, B) pass short, C) pass long or D) try to draw them offside, take the delay and punt. Don’t like the pass on 3rd down. Brady takes a coverage sack leaving 4th and 6. Still don’t mind going for it but we needed a quick play against an all out blitz, not what we did.
- McCourty did not turn in the EZ and took another PI. His coverage was good, he just needed to look. On the TD he gave up, there was nothing he could have done. Just a spectacular throw and catch. His run support was excellent as well. Just needs to turn to the ball. Maybe make him a safety again. He can keep the play in front of him. He has great closing speed. He hits well. He is a fearless tackler. Perfect position for him.
- Ridley fumbles on the last drive. What a great day ruined by one play. He was hard on himself too. No one wanted the D to come up with a stop more than he did.
- McGahee screwed his team. Drops a sure 4th down conversion and then fumbles on the final drive when they are in field goal range
- I understand why we rushed the play on 3rd and 1 before the half. By keeping our time out, we could either run or pass. Just didn’t like the execution of the play.
- Fells dropped an easy 1st down.

The Ugly
- Did Vince carry the ball out of play after the fumble recovery because it was out of air. When he dove on the ball, I felt the ground shake all the way up in Maine. Second, why is there even a scramble for the ball when Vince grabs it. Does anyone really think they could get it away from him? Anyone?
- Wednesday night is cricket night in America. -Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock.
- Let’s see. 3rd and 17 on our own 43. We need a play. I know. Left side run to Woodhead out of shotgun. Guaranteed to work. How did we convert that?
- When Denver got flagged for too many men on the field and that number was 14, shouldn’t it have been a 10 yard penalty instead of 5?
- Wes was huge again. Loved his little jab at BB, which in all actuality was a jab at the media. I can’t believe the stink this is making.
- Could someone send a note to RG3 and remind him to run OOB? Learn how to slide, dummy.
- Did anyone see the hit on Luck? It looked completely clean to me. Don’t get it.
- Brady’s stats. 4 rushes, -2 yards, 1 TD. He almost cost the team 250 yards.


A quality win against Denver by Mark Morse

A quality win, against a quality opponent. This was the 13th matchup between Brady and Satan Manning! Our defense gave up yards but not points and our No Huddle/ Hurry Up (I’m going to call it the Blitz Offense) drove the Broncos into fits. Another 250 yard rushing game with Ridley leading the way with 151 yards stunned the Broncos. Very impressed with all four backs contributing.
The tailgate was another fine affair. We left a little earlier this week, figuring the lot would open a ½ earler. WRONG … the lot opened at 11 a whole hour earlier. Now we know. Next game we meet at 10:20.
We had 11 cars in the caravan with the addition of Vincent Raymond’s friends from North of the Border! Another surprise was that Richard Basilesco was joining us today. I always ask who is coming so that I have an idea … I thought it would be between 11-13 cars in the caravan.
Our ride in was sunny but quickly clouded over, but we were prepared and were able to secure an area on the grass where we set up 4 EZ Up canopies in a quad configuration. Sure enough the rain did come about two hours before kickoff but we were prepared. In attendance were Robin and Geoff; Karen, Don, Karens’ sisters Beth and Maura, Abbi; Mike Arronson; Randy and Rob Webber; Sue Von Idestine and her son Wil; Laureen and Larry; My daughter Bridget, son Patrick and his fiancée Karyn Gray; Vincent and his crew from Canada; Rick Pereira and his son Rick; Darren Dupre and his daughter. Julio Bautista flew in Sunday morning from Miami for the game. Vincent also had a reporter from Quebec stop by the tailgate. All in all we had about 36 people at the tailgate … a pretty good number considering the weather. It was a very relaxing tailgate once we got set up. The extra ½ hour really helped and the game time starting 20 minutes later gave up plenty of time to socialize. The next home game is Oct 21st vs the hated Jests, another 4:25 start.

Mark Morse


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Bills) by Dave Levine

The Good
- How about that OL. They gave Brady all day to throw and created holes for RBs that I could have gotten positive yardage out of. Wow, what a performance.
- Both RBs ran great. Ridley and Bolden both look like keepers. Vereen may not be part of this team if they play like this. It’s hard not to make positive yardage with the holes they were getting but both showed patience and trusted their blockers. They hit the LOS hard and turned it up field. Both knew when to put their head down and run over the defender. Loved Bolden’s TD. Hit at the 4 and just powered his way into the end zone.
- Tom “Crazy Legs” Brady and his TD run. “Happens as often as Halley’s Comet”. Smart play by a smart player.
- How about Wes? Looks like we no longer get to complain that he isn’t part of the offence anymore. Passes Brown for number 2 on the yardage list. Only behind Morgan.
- Spikes brings it every play. Love it that he is healthy. The forced fumble at the goal line was the key to the game. They score and we are down 14 at the half. Forced another fumble later.
- Is anyone playing better than Vince? He bats down a pass, recovers a fumble and then plasters a poor WR on a dump off. If anyone is teaching children how to tackle, watch that play. Head up, lead with the shoulder and chest, no helmet to helmet contact, wrap up, drive through the opponent and take him to the ground. Perfect technique.
- McCourty played a great game. He was in coverage well throughout the game and made 2 nice plays for INTs, making up for the 1 drop last week (yes, 1. The other was a good play by the WR to knock it away).
- We scored on our last 7 possessions. 6 TDs and a FG. Only 2 of which were in the 3rd quarter.
- Our loss to Arizona isn’t so hard to handle now. They are a good team.
- 2 – 100 yard rushers and 2 – 100 yard receivers in one game. Wow.
- Loved Brady’s explanation of the Gronk TD. They were running behind a pulling off guard all game long. They decided to run the same look up front but run play action out of it. The LB bit on the fake and Gronk was by him before he could react. The 2 safeties were too wide to make a play. Beautiful.
- I thought the D played well. Gave up a TD on a short field and then only 2 others when it counted. They made plays all game between pressure, turnovers and key stops. Nicely done.
- Fells had a great block on the 1st TD run. Hoomanama had one on the 2nd Ridley TD run.
- Mesko drops 2 beauties deep, forcing the long field.

The Bad
- For an engineer, I suck at math. Bills are marching down the field in the 4th quarter and I’m thinking to myself, “we can let them score but they just have to take time off the clock. Otherwise, we’ll need to do something with out last drive.” Didn’t do the math properly to see we were up 21, not 14.
- Hightower down with a hammy and didn’t return all game.
- Ghost misses 2 FGs when it looked like we really could have used them. He needs to get his head on straight. Nice to see him make the short one later to get some confidence back.
- Gronk and Wes both fumble. One leads to a short field TD and the other almost does as well.
- I would have rather gone for it on 4th and inches. With the way the running game was moving the ball, pound the rock.
- Can we please get a kickoff returner. McCourty just doesn’t have the speed and wiggle for it. Need someone to take it up field in hurry.

The Ugly
- Santonio Holmes falls to the ground in a heap, untouched and decides he’s in too much pain to hold onto the ball. Instead of letting go of the ball, he throws it up into the air, where a defender picks it up and runs for a TD. WTF?
- The dismantling of the Jets. Is there any other sight that is as sweet?
- Mario Williams probably should have played in the game. The Bills would have had a chance to win. What’s that? He did play? Oh.
- Dierdork mixed up Bolden and Ridley all game. What a tool this guy is.
- GB almost got jobbed out of another win by the refs. Missed an early offensive PI on a NO TD and then hosed them later in the game as well on a fumble that wasn’t
- New Orleans is 0 and 4.
- What the hell happened at the end of the Giants/Eagles game. 3 PI calls (one legit). Offsides. Freezing the kicker almost cost them. Questionable play calling. What a mess.


Tailgate Home Game 2 vs Seyton Manning and the Denver Broncos

With a little adjustment our new location turned out to be a smashing success. We attempted to park 6 cars in a row on the grass at Rodman’s. This worked OK, but there were a few cars in between. We overcame this and with a little imagination spread out vertically and were able to accommodate all 39 people attending.

For the Bronco’s game we will meet at 11:00 and leave by 11:15.
When heading out to the Rodman lot, we may have to queue up prior to their entrance in the breakdown lane.

Directions to meet up with us before we head to the Rodman’s lot:

Caravan to Parking — Rt 95 S (Bear right at split with 93N) toward Providence. Take exit 9 (Route 1 south ). Immediately move to the right lane and look for the 1st restaurant on your right (Mick Morgan’s) DO NOT PARK THERE. Pull up to the light and take a right onto Old Post Road. Turn into the parking after the Liquor Store and before Brookline Movers. Back into angled parking spaces for ease of egress when we are leaving the lot. Be in the lot by 11:00. Caravan of cars will leave by 11:15.

Directions to meet us at the Rodman’s lot:

Meeting at the Tailgate – Continue on Rt 1 S as you approach the stadium. As Rt 1 takes a dip, at the traffic light, look for Rodman Collision Center is on the right (look for our red Razor’s Edge Tailgate sign). Take a right into their parking lot and park as directed. You can join us on the grass. We will have one or more canopies together. Our setup is right at the 1st pedestrian crosswalk on Rt 1 S (see Patriots parking Map).

With this new lot it is much easier to find us for anyone who is coming to join us at any time before we head in to the game or after the game.

Please let me know as soon as possible whether or not you will be attending!

Mark Morse

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Ravens) by Dave Levine

The Good
- We came out fast and scored early and often.
- Other than the final drive, I love the balance of our O. Ridley continues to run hard.
- I like that Deion got up and said something to Reed after the penalty. They showed mutual respect for each other.
- Ghost was solid as was Mesko. Both had nice games.
- Wes is certainly part of this offence. This should shut most everyone up on the subject.
- I love Lloyd and what he brings to this team. Looks like he and Brady have been playing for years.
- I like the resigning of Branch. Someone Brady knows and trusts.

The Bad
- Was there a play that Chandler Jones wasn’t held. I watched 3 consecutive plays where either he or Ninkovitch were held after beating the OL and there were no calls.
- The D ran out of gas at the end. The hurry-up killed us and we couldn’t do anything on the final 2 drives.
- The O needed 1 more 1st down to ice the game. Why did we go away from the pass which was working on the final drive and force the run.
- McCourty’s drop didn’t matter as we stopped them on 4th down late anyway. The first near pick was a great play by the WR on an overthrown ball.
- Brady hung Wes out to dry and got leveled on a high throw. Brady said something to him after but I couldn’t read lips. He was smiling though.
- The missed Pita tackle was pathetic. Neither guy tried and it looked like McCourty tried to get out of the way.
- Where is our screen game? That would have helped us in the final drive against an all out blitz.
- Our tackling went to sh** after 2 games of being solid. Too many misses and too much YAC
- I would have liked to see more of Winslow. He can make plays if given the chance.

The Ugly
- The refs lost control of the game in the opening few minutes and tried to reign it back in by flagging everything. The problem was that they arbitrarily applied the rules and really butchered the game. The following are major infractions.
o Offensive pass interference on Edelman when it should have been no call or defensive pass interference. Cost us a first down at the 10 and had to settle for a FG
o Defensive PI on McCourty on the final Ravens TD drive. Should have been incomplete as there was no contact, at all. Instead of 3rd and 14 deep in Raven’s end, a 25 yard penalty and great field position leading to a TD
o No call on Smith’s 2nd TD. Should have been offensive PI for pushing off. Clear as day.
o Allowing a measurement on 3rd and 1, when it was clearly short where spotted. This gave Baltimore time to look to challenge.
o Spotting the ball short of the first down on the above play when the receiver reached forward to the first down.
o Spotting a Ridley run about a yard short of where it should have been.
o Holding on Spikes negating the sack (or not calling the same thing when Lewis grabbed Gronk).
o Waiting until Brady whined about being landed on by the fat DL after sliding. Should have been called immediately.
o No call when Edelman was nearly decapitated.
o How do you throw a flag and then just pick it up, deciding you didn’t see what you saw?
o Constant fighting and pushing with no penalties

Dave Levine